Sunday, January 14, 2007

Being one of the girls at the gym

I have been so inspired by sissy alicia’s blog. Sissy alicia went to the gym wearing feminine workout attire. I have now started doing the same. I looked at Miss D’s blog and she asked sissies to make a New Year’s resolution. Mine was to join a fitness club and start a workout program, and I committed to wear only women’s attire. I wear black shorts with either a pink or blue top, and socks to match the top. The shoes are white and gray with pink accents.

<>In addition to women’s gym attire, I wear a short femme necklace and pink lipstick I do change in the men’s locker room and do not hide the fact that I am wearing panties. My looks are femme, and with a thin shaved body I notice how much I differ from the big strong hairy men that are there.

I hate exercising and could not bear to go as a normal male. I am only motivated if I go as a sissy, because I crave being a sissy and being seen as one in public. Looking more trim and feminine is a big motivation too.

I am doing some initial work with a personal trainer. I told him I do not want to build up my upper body, but want to work on my waist and stomach areas, and that I wanted this so I would look more feminine. He said he would provide overall exercises and focus on those areas. I really want to fit better in some of my old size 8 skirts (am size 10 now).

I am now committed to never wearing a stitch of male clothing at the gym. I will only dress in girls gym clothes because I am a pantywaist sissy. I intend to gradually make my attire more obviously effeminate. I find this all somewhat humiliating, but know I have to do it.


Anonymous said...


What a very good resolution! I am sure the gym must be a source of sweet humiliation for you but doesn't it also provide a sense of freedom - you are being exactly what you are meant to be - a sissy gurl!

I can just imagine what all the men are saying - perhaps you should take yet another step and wear a sport bra when you go... and the pink lipstick is a very gurly touch - very good rita!

Such a good sissy gurl!

Miss D

Anonymous said...

I wish I was one of the men in the locker room when you were getting dressed and I saw you in your girly panties. I would point at you and call you a sissy but you would be able to look down and see my erection and understand that I approve.

Anonymous said...

my cock would be hard for her,too..