Sunday, January 21, 2007

First time out in a little girl dress & petticoat

I finally bought my first little girl sissy dress complete with petticoat. It has always been a fantasy of mine and Miss D has pushed me to do this. I wore this in public and had numerous pictures to document my public sissification. I found this difficult to do at first and felt quite humiliated being a male dressed as an exaggeratedly little girl in public. The outfit was so out of place, that I knew I would receive a lot of attention. However, I crave being a sissy and know that being a prissy little pantywaist in public is what my role must be.

Under Miss D's direction, I was told to dress in a little sissy girl outfit and appear as a little sissy whore. As overwhelmed as I was by the request, I complied. I was both scared and thrilled. Transvestite Mistress Tammy was to take the pictures since I was directed to have pictures and appear as a sissy little girl in public.

I first went to DareWare which is where I bought most of my outfit. It is a fetish store and I had to show off my outfit there. I also went to Erotic Cabaret with Mistress Tammy where I bought a fuller fluffy petticoat and was required by Mistress Tammy to buy and wear a pink collar with rindstones.

Mistress Tammy and I went to JR's for a few drinks. It was almost all men and everyone was dressed in dark winter clothes except me. There I was in my ultra short pink and white checked dress and full petticoats. Mistress positioned me so I could be seen as people came in. We were also near a real stud male dancer. I tipped him real well and he let me have a few pictures with him. He was so well built and strong, so masculine looking. You should have seen him standing on his pedestal and dancing. It just made me feel more femme and more like a sissy. I was reminded that I can never be a real man. It was reinforcement that I am and should always be an ultra femme pantywaist sissy.

Mistress Tammy also took bedroom pictures as well. At the end of the evening, I went to Walmart dressed in my pretty pink and white outfit. I got a lot of attention, a few giggles and two women saying they thought my outfit was cute.

It absolutely amazes me how a woman like Miss D can so easily direct me to perform such a humiliating task and show myself off in public as such a sissy. I just couldn't refuse her request despite my reluctance. I think she knows I crave to be so utterly feminized and displayed. I need to get used to this because I know there will be much more feminization, sissification, and public display for me in the future. I am such a fairy.

The pictures here are from various parts of my evening as a sissy little girl in public.

Being one of the girls at the gym -more femme

As an addendum, I would like to point out that I have now started wearing a delicate femme necklace and pink lipstick at ALL times when at the gym, in addition to wearing only girl's gym attire. Recently a guy saw me in my overwhelmingly pink outfit, crystal heart necklace, and pink lipstick in the locker room. He said to me, "Uh, excuse me, but this is the men's room". I was taken aback and he quickly left. I could hardly utter an answer. I looked into the mirror at the sink where I was standing and realized with my long hair, relatively hairless body, and femme gym attire, I really looked like I didn't belong there. But they don't have a sissy locker room, so I will just have to be a sissy on display. I am now wondering whether I should be even more femme to empasize my sissy look or simply retain my current femme status at the gym.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Being one of the girls at the gym

I have been so inspired by sissy alicia’s blog. Sissy alicia went to the gym wearing feminine workout attire. I have now started doing the same. I looked at Miss D’s blog and she asked sissies to make a New Year’s resolution. Mine was to join a fitness club and start a workout program, and I committed to wear only women’s attire. I wear black shorts with either a pink or blue top, and socks to match the top. The shoes are white and gray with pink accents.

<>In addition to women’s gym attire, I wear a short femme necklace and pink lipstick I do change in the men’s locker room and do not hide the fact that I am wearing panties. My looks are femme, and with a thin shaved body I notice how much I differ from the big strong hairy men that are there.

I hate exercising and could not bear to go as a normal male. I am only motivated if I go as a sissy, because I crave being a sissy and being seen as one in public. Looking more trim and feminine is a big motivation too.

I am doing some initial work with a personal trainer. I told him I do not want to build up my upper body, but want to work on my waist and stomach areas, and that I wanted this so I would look more feminine. He said he would provide overall exercises and focus on those areas. I really want to fit better in some of my old size 8 skirts (am size 10 now).

I am now committed to never wearing a stitch of male clothing at the gym. I will only dress in girls gym clothes because I am a pantywaist sissy. I intend to gradually make my attire more obviously effeminate. I find this all somewhat humiliating, but know I have to do it.