Tuesday, November 20, 2007

sissies must wear skirts

Yes, sissies must wear skirts. That's what Mistress Stacey told me. She said only men wear pants and I am not a man. I am a sissy so I must wear skirts, all the time. In the past, I only went out once a week dressed as a girl, but that is now going to change. From now on, I will wear skirts every day.

I have taken this seriously and am going to do this. This is going to be a profound change in my life and I cannot fully comprehend the implications although it will be intense and overwhelming. I started this a few days ago. I will still wear mens' shirts and slacks to work along with pretty lingerie, women's shoes and socks. Upon arrival at home, there is to be an immediate change into skirts and full feminine attire.

In the past few days, my wife was surprised to see me in skirts each day when she came home (My wife is not my Mistress). She knew I wanted to dress full time when I retired, but this is a big step forward. I told her I needed the practice and experience to see how far I would go in the future. She said OK. Also she said I am a lot more pleasant and helpful around the house when I am wearing a skirt, so she sees some benefit. Perhaps I should follow-up and buy a super frilly French maids outfits and really offer to serve her. She would probably like me to cook, clean, and give her massages.

Since Thanksgiving is here soon, you should all know that I will be wearing skirts and dressing totally femme for the holiday as we entertain guests. The guests know about me but have not had much interaction with me as a girl. After getting up early and helping to cook in the kitchen, I will get dressed up for the big meal. I can guarantee that I will be the best dressed girl there, in a nice dress make-up and high heels. As least I will be the best dressed sissy.

Dressing in skirts at all times when not at work is really making my head spin. I can't believe that I am doing this, but I am. I will need to go shopping for more casual skirts and outfits since most of my wardrobe is dressier. And of course I will be shopping as a girl. I will be doing everything as a girl, except work.

I know that Mistress Stacey has other things in her plans to feminize and sissify me. Many of them will be humiliating. But his has a profound impact upon my psyche and lifestyle forever. Finally I must confess I am a pantywaist sissy faggot and that I love wearing womens' clothing. I am scared as heck but I am submitting to this feminization. I am a sissy boi and that is what we must do. What will be next?

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Dominated by Mistress Stacey

Mistress Stacey, a tg domme, has asserted her authority over me and as a submissive sissy I must comply. I have been ordered to to regularly wear matching panties and nightgowns to bed with a bra, every night. I will start sleeping in baby doll nightgowns and shorty nightgowns with thin straps. I am to look very sissish. I already know I am not a man, but Mistress has told me I am not to be a girl either. Instead I am to be a sissy faggot male. I have also been instructed to obtain many other items to further my sissification.

There are many new items with which I am having to deal, and this is really pushing my limits. I feel weak and submissive. In addition, I find this all a bit scary, although it is also exciting. After all, I AM a pantywaist sissy. Isn't this what it is all about.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Kissy sissies

You can see in the picture here that Mistress Tammy kissed me between my breasts before we went out. It is beautiful to be wearing another girl's lipstick marks.

There is a yahoo group called 'tvskissing'. I love to be photographed kissing with another tgirl. I want to create a really sensuous but elegant series of pictures. Nothing tacky or blatant. Something with the innocence of two school girls kissing but with a touch of intense longing and desire, and everyone would know we are sissy boys in dresses and make-up. Ideally we would both be dressed in little girl dresses or something with ruffles and petticoats. (This would be nice but is not critical.) Of course we would have to post the best pictures on our blogs to show off to the world what kissy sissies we are.

I would also like to have some lingerie photos with another sissy as we kiss and press our lingerie clad bodies together. Of course the photos should be sensous and sexy, but not blatant. I like photos that are subtle and suggestive.

The photographer would have to help pose us to be sure we got good shots. I would love to find some local girls and a photographer to do this. After the photo shoot of the above ideas, I would be open to suggestions of the photographer for additional photos. I also like the idea of someone, like the photographer, watching and helping direct the action.

I want to be seen and photographed kissing with another sissy to create a delightful sissy portfolio. We would show the world what pansies we are. Are there any prissy sissy pansies that want to kiss, caress, and...?

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Photo update on girlie attire at the gym

Just an update and a few pictures on my girlie gym attire. Initially I wore a complete set of women's attire that was more unisex.

My second generation of attire was more feminine and everything was a mix of pink, black and white. It also included more femme jewelry. I did get a lot of very obviously strange looks but only a few comments.

Now, my third generation of femme gym attire is nearly all pink. That's right, pink capri's, pink top, pink lipstick, pink socks, pink jewelry, all the way down to matching pink panties. The new pictures show this well. Since the pictures, I have added wide pink shoelaces and will be getting more obviously noticable feminine jewelry.

I do change in the locker room and get some odd looks. How far will I take this? I don't know. I do know that dressing in femme attire helps me keep focused on my goal of looking more feminine by being in good trim shape to fit into the extensive pretty girlie wardrobe I have. I also love looking so prissy and girlie. I continue to be such a pansy and love it so.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Mistress Tammy changes direction

It seems that many of us have more than one aspect to our personalities, and my transvestite Mistress Tammy is one of them. She has recently informed me that she wishes to change her role from Mistress to sissy. Instead of being a woman in public, she wants to dress as a little girl in a cute sissy dress like me. She has even expressed a desire to be on her knees sucking cock like a true pansy. So it seems that we will now be sissy girlfriends, although I will still be required to please her when she is in town. I will now have to consider whether or not I should seek a new Mistress.

Mistress Tammy has been a great inspiration and started me on my way to being the pansy that I am. It won't be the same with tammy in her new role, but I do like seeing boys dressed as sissy girls like me, and we will adapt and have a great time together when she is in town. Sissy tammy is now on her way to becoming an absolute fairy. How cute is that?

Update: tammy is being a real sissy male, going out in capri pants and high heels as a guy. That is so cute. What is even better, is that tammy will still be Mistress Tammy to me. I was told not to get a replacement and would still belong to her. I can handle Mistress Tammy being both sissy and Dominant, but my role will remain as only a submissive sissy.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Total pansy, taking the feminine role, a possible new direction

I will never be with a woman as a man, ever again. I am committed to a role as a total pansy, always having sex dressed up as a girl and always taking the submissive role. I never expect to receive pleasure and always know that it is my role to be sure to provide it. I will be like this forever, no longer being a man, and no longer even having the desire to be a man. I have given up any hope that I will be anything other than the prissy fairy that I am. That is what I now want to be.

Since I am an effeminate sissy and that I like to dress like a pretty girl, Perhaps I should be dating men. As a sissy, I have become a quivering pansy. I cannot please women, so perhaps it is men that I should please. After all, it's that what girls do? And I certainly want to look and act like one.

I was recently asked about my ultimate goals. As to my goals, I am somewhat split. I know that I
want to totally rid myself of male attire and only dress femininely. That is for certain. Most of the time I go out dressed as a slightly upscale normal woman and pass well in public. I do enjoy this very much and go to straight piano bars as a woman and am known and accepted as one.

But then there is my sissy side that wants to express itself as well. It drives me to be exaggeratedly ultra feminine as a girl and to also appear as a sissified male. I have had many thoughts and fantasies about being dominated by either a Master or a Mistress. I think being dominated by a Master might make me feel more feminine and more submissive. If I were to take this path, I think I would do it on an occassional basis rather than permanently. Of course, I can only imagine where that might lead me.

I suspect that a Master would force me to dress publicly as an overly effeminate sissified male at times and in sissy style little girl dresses at other times. He would humiliate me and put me in uncomfortable situations to break my remaining male ego. After all, a guy in femme clothes doesn't get much acknowledgement as a man in public. This would also reinforce my sissy nature.

Privately in his presence, I would prance around in high heels and lingerie, or in a frilly maid's outfit. I would cook and clean for him and he would use me when he pleased. It is likely I would be subjected to some bondage when he used me for his pleasure. I would be all dolled up in lingerie and he might put me in an armbinder. I would be there teetering on 5" heels and slowly bend over so he could have his way with me. He would do this in front of a mirror so I could see myself, see what I had become, see what he had turned me into, an effeminate submissive pantywaist sissy male. I would suffer his verbal commentary about my nature and situation and be forced to beg to please him, something which I would soon learn to crave.

So I don't know what I really want but certainly think about the different directions. But no matter what, I want to be femmed to the hilt.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Lolita Fashion - Cute femme look

There is a recent Japanese fashion statement being made by teenage girls, particularly Japanese girls. It is considered a subculture of gothic but it focuses upon dressing in Victorian style or as a little girl, hence the “Lolita” name. I think this style is so cute and one can buy these darling sissy style outfits. Be careful, many of these outfits are only sized for teen girls and are either petite or junior in size. There are some sellers on ebay that will make similar outfits in any size.

Lolita Fashion is the term used for a young lady or man that dresses in clothes reminiscent of Victorian dolls. Frills, lace, dresses, skirts, petticoats, and head-dresses are all very common with Lolita fashion. Accessories most Lolitas carry around are teddy bears and parasols. Make-up is used sparingly, save for some cases in the Gothic Lolita look, and the idea is to look innocent and cute -- so skin isn't flaunted or shown unless it has to be. Lolitas aim to look like Victorian dolls, NOT French maids, so there's no need to flash a lot of skin.

If you do internet searches, look for “Sweet Lolita” or “Gothic Lolita”. I attach a few key sites I have found. The pictures here are from the cosmates.com and club-lolita.deviantart.com sites.

The Gothic & Lolita Bible (for definitions, no pix)

Gothic Lolita Art and Pictures

Some nice Lolita fashion and cosplay shops
http://www.cosmates.jp/ Lolita outfits from Japan.

You tube, some of my faves, but there are others too

Normally I like to put my own sissy pictures on my blog exclusively but these Lolita pictures are so cute. I think I may have to include them here. They are such an inspiration.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

sissy gina's sissy stories and fantasy blog

Well here I am again, sissy gina, an ultra femme transvestite sissy. To further show what a pantywaist I am, I have started a sissy story and fantasy blog. Some of the stories I wrote in the past for other venues. The stories are written in parts so I can add more to them later if I wish.

If you like them, I hope you will leave your comments or email me directly. In addition I always need inspiration and new ideas for stories. I hope to add more in the future, especially if I had additional inspiration from others. Please go to the link on the right called "sissy gina's stories".

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Affirmations of a pantywaist fairy in black lingerie

It seems about time that I reaffirm what an utter pantywaist sissy I am.

Look at me. Look at these pictures. Here I am, a male, sitting on the bed wearing black lingerie, make-up and 5" high heels. On top of that I am putting myself on public display and confessing my perverse erotic desires. What an absolute fairy.

While I was never much of a man with women in the past, I recognize I am now incapable of having an orgasm without wearing women's attire. Yes, I am so adicted to being an effeminate sissy, so addicted to wearing women's clothing. Even though most of my clothing is women's on an everyday basis, it is still a turn on to see myself in the mirror wearing lingerie and other femme attire. Sometimes when I get dressed in my lingerie in front of the mirror, I can't help being turned on by the sissy image I present. Sometimes I am drawn to stoke myself through my nylon panties as I remind myself what a fairy faggot I am. As I indulge in a favorite fantasy, I watch myself in lingerie dripping with lace. Before long I explode and cum in my panties. Even though I am sated sexually, I eagerly lick the cum from my panties. Some transvestites experience self disgust with themselves after an orgasm, but not me. I like it. I like being a pantywaist so much. Afterwards, I clean up and proceed to dress in my lingerie and other attire for the day. Sated or not, I dress as the fairy that I am, and was meant to be.

Then there are those other days. Those days when I play with myself in front of the mirror but stop. Yes, stop while close to climax and then get dressed for the day. It is the days that are quite frustrating because being a horny sissy stays fixed on my mind. I think that wearing a corset that day will keep me in check, but I know it won't. Wearing the corset only makes me feel like more of a fairy because I notice the constricting garment all day, and when I walk the tug of the garters, fastened to my stockings, is noticeable with every step. I work. I don't know how, but I seem to get work done in spite of the constant nagging sissy thoughts, the constant sexual torment of being a transvestite sissy male wearing a corest, stockings, and lingerie trying to work at my desk.

But whether I am horny or not, I faithfully wear my femme attire. It is part of my lifestyle now, and always will be. I am a confirmed pantywaist fairy.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

sissy gina's first manicure and pedicure

I was recently given an assignment by Miss D to get a manicure and a pedicure. It seems I never had one before. I made an appointment and went dressed as an effeminate male as was appropriate. So, attired only in women's clothing without a wig or breasts, I got my nails done. I wore black slacks, a pretty blouse, jewelry, and high heeled sandals.

It was a delightful indulgence and a real treat. I can understand why women do it. It is such fun having someone care for you hands and feet along with making your nails really pretty.

While I do not keep my finger nails polished for daily wear, my toe nails remain a pretty red. In fact, I like it so much, I hearby commit to always having my toe nails polished as a sissy should. This is now a new permanent feature of my growing sissy lifestyle. And I guess I will be going to get my nails done regularly at the salon too.

I wonder what the guys at the gym would say when I change wearing in the locker room into my women's gym attire wearing nail polish, lipstick, and lingerie. No one has said anything yet, but I can see them take notice. Oh my, I am becoming such a fairy, and I love it so.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

First time out in a little girl dress & petticoat

I finally bought my first little girl sissy dress complete with petticoat. It has always been a fantasy of mine and Miss D has pushed me to do this. I wore this in public and had numerous pictures to document my public sissification. I found this difficult to do at first and felt quite humiliated being a male dressed as an exaggeratedly little girl in public. The outfit was so out of place, that I knew I would receive a lot of attention. However, I crave being a sissy and know that being a prissy little pantywaist in public is what my role must be.

Under Miss D's direction, I was told to dress in a little sissy girl outfit and appear as a little sissy whore. As overwhelmed as I was by the request, I complied. I was both scared and thrilled. Transvestite Mistress Tammy was to take the pictures since I was directed to have pictures and appear as a sissy little girl in public.

I first went to DareWare which is where I bought most of my outfit. It is a fetish store and I had to show off my outfit there. I also went to Erotic Cabaret with Mistress Tammy where I bought a fuller fluffy petticoat and was required by Mistress Tammy to buy and wear a pink collar with rindstones.

Mistress Tammy and I went to JR's for a few drinks. It was almost all men and everyone was dressed in dark winter clothes except me. There I was in my ultra short pink and white checked dress and full petticoats. Mistress positioned me so I could be seen as people came in. We were also near a real stud male dancer. I tipped him real well and he let me have a few pictures with him. He was so well built and strong, so masculine looking. You should have seen him standing on his pedestal and dancing. It just made me feel more femme and more like a sissy. I was reminded that I can never be a real man. It was reinforcement that I am and should always be an ultra femme pantywaist sissy.

Mistress Tammy also took bedroom pictures as well. At the end of the evening, I went to Walmart dressed in my pretty pink and white outfit. I got a lot of attention, a few giggles and two women saying they thought my outfit was cute.

It absolutely amazes me how a woman like Miss D can so easily direct me to perform such a humiliating task and show myself off in public as such a sissy. I just couldn't refuse her request despite my reluctance. I think she knows I crave to be so utterly feminized and displayed. I need to get used to this because I know there will be much more feminization, sissification, and public display for me in the future. I am such a fairy.

The pictures here are from various parts of my evening as a sissy little girl in public.

Being one of the girls at the gym -more femme

As an addendum, I would like to point out that I have now started wearing a delicate femme necklace and pink lipstick at ALL times when at the gym, in addition to wearing only girl's gym attire. Recently a guy saw me in my overwhelmingly pink outfit, crystal heart necklace, and pink lipstick in the locker room. He said to me, "Uh, excuse me, but this is the men's room". I was taken aback and he quickly left. I could hardly utter an answer. I looked into the mirror at the sink where I was standing and realized with my long hair, relatively hairless body, and femme gym attire, I really looked like I didn't belong there. But they don't have a sissy locker room, so I will just have to be a sissy on display. I am now wondering whether I should be even more femme to empasize my sissy look or simply retain my current femme status at the gym.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Being one of the girls at the gym

I have been so inspired by sissy alicia’s blog. Sissy alicia went to the gym wearing feminine workout attire. I have now started doing the same. I looked at Miss D’s blog and she asked sissies to make a New Year’s resolution. Mine was to join a fitness club and start a workout program, and I committed to wear only women’s attire. I wear black shorts with either a pink or blue top, and socks to match the top. The shoes are white and gray with pink accents.

<>In addition to women’s gym attire, I wear a short femme necklace and pink lipstick I do change in the men’s locker room and do not hide the fact that I am wearing panties. My looks are femme, and with a thin shaved body I notice how much I differ from the big strong hairy men that are there.

I hate exercising and could not bear to go as a normal male. I am only motivated if I go as a sissy, because I crave being a sissy and being seen as one in public. Looking more trim and feminine is a big motivation too.

I am doing some initial work with a personal trainer. I told him I do not want to build up my upper body, but want to work on my waist and stomach areas, and that I wanted this so I would look more feminine. He said he would provide overall exercises and focus on those areas. I really want to fit better in some of my old size 8 skirts (am size 10 now).

I am now committed to never wearing a stitch of male clothing at the gym. I will only dress in girls gym clothes because I am a pantywaist sissy. I intend to gradually make my attire more obviously effeminate. I find this all somewhat humiliating, but know I have to do it.