Saturday, October 07, 2006

Getting new driver's licenses as a sissy

As a part of my expanding sissy activities as an effeminate male, I recently went to renew my driver's license dressed entirely in women's attire, heels, and make-up. I didn't wear a skirt with petticoats, but one day I may. My attire was women's docker's, a feminine blouse, hose and heels. Of course I wore frilly lingerie, beneath.

I also wore earings, feminine rings, and a flowered necklace. My make-up consisted of lipstick, eye-shadow, heavy black eyliner, and blush.

I had to wait for over an hour in line as an effeminate male in high heels and make-up but finally got to the front of the line. The police officer addressed me as ma'am at first and then later realized his mistake and called me sir when he noticed his mistake by checking out the paperwork at the end. He didn't make any comments. I can't wait until I get the license and see how it looks.

By the way, I have a state ID with me dressed entirely enfemme (wig, make-up, etc.). Now I will have my driver's license as a sissy male.


Anonymous said...

good gurl gina...

you should take the next step now and exchange your entire wardrobe with women's clothes. A sissy should have her buttons on the left and her zipper should be on her side or rear.

A sissy must never be allowed to keep her secret. It is much better for her to be easily recognized for what she is - a sissy! Think of the freedom - no longer hiding who you are - the humiliation - so sweet...

Miss D

Anonymous said...

Hi Sissy Gina

Your such a Doll I love your photo's sweetie.Thanks for the coments on my blog,and I have been to Cafe press. I bought a womens cap that says I use Tampons on the front.I just went out daytime shopping this weekend in the most adorable Sissy Dress. I had everyone in the store's ieither wooing me or laughing there heads off.I must have been called Faggot or Farie 100 times during my outing and to all of them I just smiled, curtseyed and said Thank You.

Your really are cute Gina,I wish we lived closer. Here is a link to about 40 of my photo's if you want to take a peak.

You take care honey and live it Girl.

Sissy Reed Barrow

Anonymous said...


He likes this site !

shanie/lipstick pansy sissy said...

Hi Gina, honey you inspise me, i am aTv sissy in md, I love the idea of having my license renewed with a photo of my sissy side, i own no male underwear, I would break out with a rash if forced to wear boxer shorts, my email is send me a sissy hello sometime sissy kisses terri/pansy sissy

sissy danelle said...

good for you for being so strong. Look forward to reading more of your posts.

sissy danelle said...

You are an inspiration for other sissy's to look to.

Anonymous said...

very good gurl gina..

such a brave little sissy gurl. But it is appropriate that your driver's license show you exactly as you are - a gurl. you are clearly nicely femmed..

Miss D

Maid Jaqi said...

I have dreamed of having a sissy driver's license. I fly about 5 times per year and I am afraid that I could not get on the plane. Have you needed to show your license for ID?

sissy gina said...

Maid jaqi,
Yes, I have had to show my license for ID. No one has ever said anything about the fact that I was wearing make-up and jewelry. As long as you generally look like the picture, it's OK. If you are concerned, just tone down the amount of make-up and jewelry you wear. Make a subtle start and increase it in the future. Be a fairy today,like me.
sissy gina

Anonymous said...

I agree that us sissies need to wear our bottons on the left and zippers on the side or rear! But I'm having a really hard time locating rear zip pants! Been searching the net for three days now to no avail. :( please help. Searching for rear zip pants didn't get me very far. Is there a name for that style? Please help a sissy girl out getting her wardrobe correct. :) big kissys!


shasking19 said...

why are u such a sissy...m a complete man