Saturday, May 27, 2006

Mistress Tammy Assignment

In the past I typically went out only as a classy girl and passed well in public. Several years ago I met transvestite Mistress Tammy who pushed my limits at being a sissy male in public in addition to my regular going out as a girl. One task she had me do was: when checking in to a motel to change for my evenings out as a girl, I now always do the check-in as a sissy male, with no wig or bra. Of course I still look pretty feminine and usually get a yes ma’am even though I show my male ID. I usually wear a short skirt, blouse, 3” heels and pantyhose. Often I also wear lipstick and sometimes jewelry. I don’t get much response. The whole point of the assignment was for me to go out as an obviously effeminate sissy male. A few times I got compliments on my outfit.

<>One time I went wearing a man’s shirt, coat, and tie, along with a short leather skirt, pantyhose and 3” heels. I got some real stares from an older woman waiting to check in. She was really appalled. A lot of people don’t pay much attention, but the contrast of wearing a man's coat and tie with a skirt and heels was quite stark. One time Mistress Tammy gave me an assignment to ask the woman at the counter to take a few picture of me as a sissy male. I planned what I was going to say and had a real knot in my throat when I went to check in to the motel. After check-in, I said, “excuse me, but would you mind taking a few pictures of me? My Mistress wants me to show that I have come here as an effeminate sissy male.” The woman smiled and said “sure” and took the pictures. It was emotionally difficult for me to do these things but I did them because I know I am a sissy and being embarrassed and humiliated helps break my male ego and be more submissive.

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Stephanie said...


Your comment on breaking the male ego hit home recently when i did the motel check-in after my very first nail salon sculpted french manicure. The embarrassment and humiliation reallyy helped set the tone for the rest of my stay. My only regret was having to remove my beautiful nails before checking out.

sissy stephanie