Saturday, May 27, 2006

Additional tasks inspired by Mistress Tammy

I would like to report on some of the things that I do to be more of a sissy male, in large part due to the inspirations of Mistress Tammy.

1. When I get gas on my way to work, I always wear high heels with my normal business attire while I do so. I go in to pay and get coffee so I can walk around the store with the click clicking sound of the heels as I walk.

2. I wear hose and high heels when I go to the drug store to buy make-up and pantyhose while as a male wearing slacks and a shirt.

3. About half the time now I buy women’s shoes while dressed as a male. As a male I go to a self service store. I am wearing hose, no male socks and female shoes with about a 2-3” heel. I try the shoes on in the store while the other women are shopping.

4. In the past, I always shopped for women’s clothes only as a woman. Just recently I started shopping for women’s clothes as a male. For my nice outfits I still shop at nice department stores as a woman and use the women’s dressing room. However, for casual odds and ends I shop at lower end stores as a male. There I wear a business shirt and slacks with hose and women’s high heels. I pick out women’s clothing and take them to the men’s dressing room to change. I just started this recently and haven’t had many comments but the saleswomen do notice. One store has a woman checking how many articles are taken into the dressing rooms. I make sure I have some very obviously feminine and frilly women’s attire which I take with me into the men’s dressing room and that the attendant sees it. I also now buy all my panties as a male.

<>Sometimes when I shop, I wear women's pants and blouse in addition to the hose and heels.

So you can see that I have been expanding my sissy activities as a male. It is emotionally difficult for me and a bit embarrassing but I know that I am a sissy and should act like one. Mistress Tammy has certainly launched me in this direction. I do hope she is pleased with herself for this. I have come to enjoy being a sissy male, to go out in public wearing several items of women’s outer wear in addition to my ever present lingerie. I like shopping as a male in women’s department’s with women for clothes or shoes. I am becoming more and more of a sissy and I like it. I want to look more effeminate at all times. I plan to expand my activities in the future.


Anonymous said...

I only wish I lived in Texas. You Sissy Gina appear to have a great set of legs and a excellent body. Your mistress is very lucky.

phyliss said...

Darling. When i read this,I could have been reading about myself. You are soooo sweet. I too also adore little girl outfits and wearing them in public. I moved to central florida about 4 yrs ago and would love to get out again. I also love to shop as an ultra fem male and like you most of my"male" attire is womens. I also have pierced ears and nipples. love phyliss