Tuesday, February 07, 2006

sissy gina announces his sissification

Let it be known to all that I am an ultra femme sissy male known as sissy gina. I acknowledge I am not a real man and must accept that I am really a pantywaist sissy male, pansy, fairy, sissy boy, or whatever other derogatory social term is applied to me. This is my nature and I deeply desire, and will pursue further sissification of my mind and body.

My sissification requires that in addition to accepting myself as a sissy that I remove my male thoughts and feelings or anything else connected with my male persona. I must think and do everything as femininely as possible. As a sissy I understand my place and purpose in life is to serve and make more pleasurable and amusing the lifestyle of women and real men, no matter how humiliating or embarrassing it may be at times.

I have been working to be more effeminate in basic look, attire, and deportment whether presenting myself as a male or female. My body is shaved as a woman’s, my eyebrows plucked, facial hair removed by electrolysis, and nails kept long. A previous mistress pushed in into wearing women’s lingerie at all times so now I always wear women’s panties. Under my male attire I usually wear pantyhose or stockings and garter belt. I often also wear a corset and/or a lacey camisole. Of course I wear only women’s socks and typically wear women’s shoes in a man’s style when dressed as a male. I wear women’s Dockers or jeans for casual wear. In short, I now live by a rule whereby at least half my clothing items must be women’s at all times.

At other times I go out dressed completely as a woman and pass well in public. I absolutely love going out and being a woman and love shopping, clubs, and the theater. Even though I pass well in public, I know deep down I am a sissy and that imitating a woman is the best I can hope to achieve.

As I sit here as a male in lacey lingerie and high heels, I sissy gina, find it quite humiliating to confess my effeminate and submissive sissy nature to all, but am hoping others will receive pleasure from my submission and humiliation.

Deep curtsey,

sissy gina


bobbie said...

sissy gina -

I enjoyed reading your sissy blog. I am a sissy too. i would like to read some stories about your experiences in the world as a sissy. That’s a nice picture of you on your Yahoo 360. It would be nice if you had some more pictures. I know it’s a lot easier to say than to do. I need to get out a shoot some pictures of myself and get them posted. But there are so many little frustrating steps it just has not got done yet. i should get out this evening when the sun is low and cast a nice light and get a few pics. Anyway, I like your posts. Please give us more.


Anonymous said...

I loved your story. I too am a sissy. Like you at all times I wear more femme clothing then male. They just feel and fit so nicely. I am an orev the road truck driver, so you know the kind of people I associate with on a regular basis. Some of them can be very cruel but I dont care. I am what I am, and that is a sissy


sissy pansy nancy said...

Congratulations on coming to the realization that you are a sissy!

i'm a sissy too! :)

Anonymous said...

Sissy Gina, I absolutely must say that ALL, and I mean ALL of your photos are sooo GORGEOUS! If I were to be fimamcially able, I would come to Houston and forget about humiliating you and put you on a pedistal. You are sooo beautiful. I would prefer you as an elegant, classy but VERY SEXY LADY! I am also a cd. I'm not 100% passable, but have been told that i'm very sexy with great legs. I could never dress 24/7, though I do go out only to select places. I can't afford to get caught, so I'm VERY discreet. I love being a woman too, BUT If I had the chance to be with you, I would seriously give up being Sarah if that's what you wanted. I would make that sacrifice for a beautiful woman that I could have REAL LOVE with. You just don't know how much you turn me on. I looked over each and every picture you have on here 3 times and took my time about it. If I were FINANCIALLY able, I would come get you and seriously sweep you off your feet. If you ever want to write me, I am at sarahthreexalady@yahoo.com. Gawd your GORGEOUS! Sarah

Anonymous said...

Gina, thankyou again for such a great sissy blog. I hope you dont mind but I use your affirmations here myself, they are so thoughtfully created. Please keep posting away, you are a true inspiration to a pathetic pansy sissy such as myself. I will continue to declare my sissyness to the world around me, I love it so much.


Anonymous said...

Sissy Gina, I have to say again that I admire you
for your wonderful sissy blog. I have read all of
your posts many times and they are an inspiration
to me. I wish more sissy girls would blog as
you do. There are so many sissy subjects to
cover that a blog could just go on and on. I
particularly liked the admission that you are a
sissy in so many ways. I'll bet it was so freeing
for you. Well thanks for the great blog

Anonymous said...

Dear sweet Gina, I am certainly getting a lot of pleasure from your sissy blog. You are so lovely. And very sexy too!

Hugs and kisses


RachelleCD2003 said...

Great Start!

Anonymous said...

I too must confess my sissyness to the world as you have.

Sissy Suzi