Saturday, October 07, 2006

Getting new driver's licenses as a sissy

As a part of my expanding sissy activities as an effeminate male, I recently went to renew my driver's license dressed entirely in women's attire, heels, and make-up. I didn't wear a skirt with petticoats, but one day I may. My attire was women's docker's, a feminine blouse, hose and heels. Of course I wore frilly lingerie, beneath.

I also wore earings, feminine rings, and a flowered necklace. My make-up consisted of lipstick, eye-shadow, heavy black eyliner, and blush.

I had to wait for over an hour in line as an effeminate male in high heels and make-up but finally got to the front of the line. The police officer addressed me as ma'am at first and then later realized his mistake and called me sir when he noticed his mistake by checking out the paperwork at the end. He didn't make any comments. I can't wait until I get the license and see how it looks.

By the way, I have a state ID with me dressed entirely enfemme (wig, make-up, etc.). Now I will have my driver's license as a sissy male.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Online Mistresses Influence

I recently belonged to an online group of kinky submissive males run by a couple of young women, both professional Mistresses. Through a great deal on online discussion with them and other submissive males of various sorts, we ended up being directed into discussion of particular scenarios. One of those was with another sissy TV named Tricia. We were directed to write stories of us as effeminate submissive lesbian sissy boys.

The stories often had Tricia and I in matching lacey lingerie, including tightly laced corsets, hose, and five inch heels. After being sexually exploited by men and turned into effeminate little cum dolls in front of our Mistresses, Tricia and I were to kiss and caress one another per the desires and direction of the two female Goddesses.

This has had a profound affect on me in that I found these scenarios to be quite erotic and stimulating. Over time, they became more and more enticing and now I realize what a fairy this has helped me become, and has furthered my sissy attitude. Our online Mistresses enjoyed the stories immensely and took pleasure in making numerous derogatory remarks about our sissy behavior.

Additional tasks inspired by Mistress Tammy

I would like to report on some of the things that I do to be more of a sissy male, in large part due to the inspirations of Mistress Tammy.

1. When I get gas on my way to work, I always wear high heels with my normal business attire while I do so. I go in to pay and get coffee so I can walk around the store with the click clicking sound of the heels as I walk.

2. I wear hose and high heels when I go to the drug store to buy make-up and pantyhose while as a male wearing slacks and a shirt.

3. About half the time now I buy women’s shoes while dressed as a male. As a male I go to a self service store. I am wearing hose, no male socks and female shoes with about a 2-3” heel. I try the shoes on in the store while the other women are shopping.

4. In the past, I always shopped for women’s clothes only as a woman. Just recently I started shopping for women’s clothes as a male. For my nice outfits I still shop at nice department stores as a woman and use the women’s dressing room. However, for casual odds and ends I shop at lower end stores as a male. There I wear a business shirt and slacks with hose and women’s high heels. I pick out women’s clothing and take them to the men’s dressing room to change. I just started this recently and haven’t had many comments but the saleswomen do notice. One store has a woman checking how many articles are taken into the dressing rooms. I make sure I have some very obviously feminine and frilly women’s attire which I take with me into the men’s dressing room and that the attendant sees it. I also now buy all my panties as a male.

<>Sometimes when I shop, I wear women's pants and blouse in addition to the hose and heels.

So you can see that I have been expanding my sissy activities as a male. It is emotionally difficult for me and a bit embarrassing but I know that I am a sissy and should act like one. Mistress Tammy has certainly launched me in this direction. I do hope she is pleased with herself for this. I have come to enjoy being a sissy male, to go out in public wearing several items of women’s outer wear in addition to my ever present lingerie. I like shopping as a male in women’s department’s with women for clothes or shoes. I am becoming more and more of a sissy and I like it. I want to look more effeminate at all times. I plan to expand my activities in the future.

Mistress Tammy Assignment

In the past I typically went out only as a classy girl and passed well in public. Several years ago I met transvestite Mistress Tammy who pushed my limits at being a sissy male in public in addition to my regular going out as a girl. One task she had me do was: when checking in to a motel to change for my evenings out as a girl, I now always do the check-in as a sissy male, with no wig or bra. Of course I still look pretty feminine and usually get a yes ma’am even though I show my male ID. I usually wear a short skirt, blouse, 3” heels and pantyhose. Often I also wear lipstick and sometimes jewelry. I don’t get much response. The whole point of the assignment was for me to go out as an obviously effeminate sissy male. A few times I got compliments on my outfit.

<>One time I went wearing a man’s shirt, coat, and tie, along with a short leather skirt, pantyhose and 3” heels. I got some real stares from an older woman waiting to check in. She was really appalled. A lot of people don’t pay much attention, but the contrast of wearing a man's coat and tie with a skirt and heels was quite stark. One time Mistress Tammy gave me an assignment to ask the woman at the counter to take a few picture of me as a sissy male. I planned what I was going to say and had a real knot in my throat when I went to check in to the motel. After check-in, I said, “excuse me, but would you mind taking a few pictures of me? My Mistress wants me to show that I have come here as an effeminate sissy male.” The woman smiled and said “sure” and took the pictures. It was emotionally difficult for me to do these things but I did them because I know I am a sissy and being embarrassed and humiliated helps break my male ego and be more submissive.

Friday, May 26, 2006

How my sissy side developed

I have always wanted to dress as a girl and had progressive numerous steps in my life followed by plateaus. I really discovered my inner sissy about three years ago. I occasionally met other crossdressers and we would go out on the town. A crossdresser named Tammy from Florida and I got together and we met on several occasions when she was in Houston.

Somehow, Tammy seemed to be a man in lingerie and a dress as was slightly on the dominant side (although Tammy was a pretty good looking woman). I, on the other hand, am extremely feminine and quite submissive. I started teasing Tammy as a girl sometimes teases a man. It pushed Tammy's male buttons and the more Tammy became dominant the more I became submissive, trying to please. It just came together and Tammy became Mistress Tammy and I was told to build a submissive sissy yahoo profile. Mistress Tammy started pushing me into being more submissive.

I started getting some more sexy attire instead of my usual conservative piano bar dress. I provided Mistress Tammy sexual pleasure without any reciprocation. Mistress Tammy pushed me into wearing lingerie 24/7 which I now do. And when I check into a motel to get dolled up for my weekly outing as a woman, I had to check in as an effeminately dressed male. I was also instructed to recruit other sissies for Mistress Tammy and started to do so. I started meeting other sissies in town but most were just coming out of the closet. On a few occasions I went out all dolled up and my new sissy friend would go out as a sissified male.

I think that Tammy and I clicked and things evolved. I was also probably psychologically ready for a new step too. Now Mistress Tammy only rarely travels to Houston so the relationship has not continued as before.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

sissy gina - ultra femme transvestite sissy

Further confessions of sissy gina

This is sissy gina, an utterly sissy male. I sit writing this blog wearing panties, a garter belt with stockings, bra, slip, and 5” high heels. I’m a real fairy sissy boy and absolutely delight in the experience as a transvestite sissy.

I am a submissive sissy male and as such I am unable to please a woman as a man. What woman would want an effeminate man like me who wears lingerie all the time and tries to look and act like her? From now on I will no long have sex with a woman as a man. I will only have sex while wearing feminine attire and trying to look as girly as possible. The only people that could possible want someone like me are dominants who like to use little pantywaist fairies like me for their pleasure without me receiving any reciprocation. In truth, that is what I want. I like being a sissy. I like being called a fairy, pantywaist, faggot, sissy boy because I am. I like wearing women’s clothes and wish I could get rid of all my male clothes. Half the clothes I wear now as a male are women’s clothes. I want to progress that so that I would wear only women’s clothes even as a male, and then desiring to transition to ever more feminine styles. I want to wear the most frilly femme styles to show the world what a sissy male I really am. I wish I had the nerve to go out as a male in a little girl dress with petticoats. That would be the ultimate humiliation for me. As a pathetic sissy, I deserve to be humiliated and laughed at. It is embarrassing but the humiliation will further break my remaining male ego so that I become a more feminine and compliant pantywaist. I just know that if I am subjected to further sissification I will be a better person because my male ego will be crushed, so I can have a nice quiet feminine demeanor and get along better with all people.

I recognize myself as a worthless sissy male and promote my further sissification. I work to do things which feminize myself.

sissy gina announces his sissification

Let it be known to all that I am an ultra femme sissy male known as sissy gina. I acknowledge I am not a real man and must accept that I am really a pantywaist sissy male, pansy, fairy, sissy boy, or whatever other derogatory social term is applied to me. This is my nature and I deeply desire, and will pursue further sissification of my mind and body.

My sissification requires that in addition to accepting myself as a sissy that I remove my male thoughts and feelings or anything else connected with my male persona. I must think and do everything as femininely as possible. As a sissy I understand my place and purpose in life is to serve and make more pleasurable and amusing the lifestyle of women and real men, no matter how humiliating or embarrassing it may be at times.

I have been working to be more effeminate in basic look, attire, and deportment whether presenting myself as a male or female. My body is shaved as a woman’s, my eyebrows plucked, facial hair removed by electrolysis, and nails kept long. A previous mistress pushed in into wearing women’s lingerie at all times so now I always wear women’s panties. Under my male attire I usually wear pantyhose or stockings and garter belt. I often also wear a corset and/or a lacey camisole. Of course I wear only women’s socks and typically wear women’s shoes in a man’s style when dressed as a male. I wear women’s Dockers or jeans for casual wear. In short, I now live by a rule whereby at least half my clothing items must be women’s at all times.

At other times I go out dressed completely as a woman and pass well in public. I absolutely love going out and being a woman and love shopping, clubs, and the theater. Even though I pass well in public, I know deep down I am a sissy and that imitating a woman is the best I can hope to achieve.

As I sit here as a male in lacey lingerie and high heels, I sissy gina, find it quite humiliating to confess my effeminate and submissive sissy nature to all, but am hoping others will receive pleasure from my submission and humiliation.

Deep curtsey,

sissy gina