Saturday, October 24, 2015

Erotic Cabaret – sissy gina's favorite fetish store

I would like to share a wonderful fetish store in Houston where I get a lot of my sissy clothes and accessories. I want others to know this is a place where I go to buy erotic girly stuff in person and that it is a safe and supportive place for others as well. 

The staff are lovely always helpful. If you tell them something like, “Master had directed me to get…….”, it doesn’t faze them. They understand and they will be happy to help. This is a store for the straight and kinky, and the people that work there do appreciate the erotic side of one’s image.

I have been there in male business attire coming from work, dressed as an obvious male in women’s clothing, as a vanilla female, and in total over-the-top sissy mode. They were pleasant and helpful at all times.

I have bought the following items there and more: French maid dress, sissy dress/costume, petticoats, tight corset, stockings, sissy socks, shoes & boots, goth dress, vinyl dress, chastity device, butt plug, collar and matching cuffs. They are also kind enough to take a picture of me with my new purchases.

Here are a few of my photos while shopping at Erotic Cabaret on 3 different occasions. You can see me in one of the photos with Flocka from Erotic Cabaret. Just think, if someone from the store dresses like that, it has to be accepting of your erotic interests in clothes, accessories, and toys.

If you are in Houston, you should check them out.

The first two pictures are my most recent (2015), when I bought myself a nice new collar and cuffs. Flocka from Erotic Cabaret is in one of them. Just think, if she dresses like this for work, this must be an accepting environment.

You can see a picture of me here in sissy boi mode as well, and finally an older photo (2007) of me in sissy attire with the tagline, "Do these stockings match my dress?"
You should also know that the pink sissy dress I am wearing is sissy gina's signature look, and almost every item  I am wearing was bought at Erotic Cabaret; pink dress, petticoats, stockings, baby doll high heels, collar & cuffs, corset, pink & white ruffled panties, and maybe something else I missed.

Oh what an effeminate pantywaist sissy I am, and I going to keep shopping at Erotic Cabaret to buy clothes, shoes, and more so that I can continue to make that image a reality.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

A whiney sissy and the wisdom of Sir

This all started with Sir heaping assignment on top of assignment and some very challenging for a sissy like me. I started to whine a little about this. I know it is not proper for a sissy to do this, but I am weak and that is why I need a strong man to own and direct me. Then Sir wrote back and made me rethink and stop my whining. This is His response to my whining,

"Back to your first report from last night: This is not my first rodeo, as they say, and I am fully aware that the spiritual re-alignment you are undertaking has added many more tasks to your life and many more steps to your routine. Surprisingly, you seem to regard these additional activities with some negativity. You should instead approach each new task with joy, and embrace every part of your day that identifies you as a sissy. Being a sissy is not just the final product; it is also very much the process to get there. Every step of that process should deepen your satisfaction of who you are.

Every lace of the corset, every unfastening and fastening of your garters, every wearing of your diaper (and every time you use it), every extra thought you have to put into concealment--these are all your karma, your joy, your raison d'etre. Not a chore, not a duty--an opportunity, a privilege, the things that make you who you are.

Why is it a ritual just to pee (undoing and redoing your 6 garters each time)? Because you are a sissy.
Why do your loins sweat under plastic panties? Because you are a sissy.
Why do you wear a corset virtually 24/7? Because you are a sissy.
Why do you also wear high heels virtually 24/7? Because you are a sissy.
Why do you go out in the world, dressed in clothes and acting in ways that purposely humiliate you? Because you are a sissy.
Why does it take an extra hour to prepare yourself for your working day? Because you are a sissy.
Why do you follow the extreme instructions from a man like Me? Because you are a sissy.

Without undertaking all these things, without gratefully executing each and every one of the small tasks of becoming, you are just a man, and, from your own writings, a pretty useless one at that.”

These are indeed words of wisdom from my Owner who understands the important of rituals for a sissy and how a sissy should learn to accept her role. A sissy should accept each ritual, each sissy activity, each act of humiliation with gratitude and reverence to her Owner. For this wisdom and perspective, I am eternally grateful to Sir.

Photo shows sissy gina has paid attention to the details of her sissy attire for the day.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Shopping as a sissyboi in public

Here are some recent pictures of me, sissy gina, in bit of a sissyboi mode. You can probably tell i love being so girly in public.Sir wanted me to go shopping in sissyboi mode and this is how i went out. Sir still has other options as to how i am to dress as a sissyboi in public. But that will be for another time.

i just love being a sissy boi in public. Notice my new pink shorts, patterned leggings, and ruffled white socks. With pink bows in my hair, a pink collar and a necklace that says "prissy sissy". This was my shopping attire for today. Note my pink collar with a metal ring for a leash. Sometimes i wish i could dress like this all the time. i occasionally shop here at Erotic Cabaret and they all know i am a sissified male and I make no effort to hide the fact. i like showing everyone what a total pansy I am.

i found a new erotica shop (Adam & Eve) and bought myself the pink collar i am wearing in this photo. i asked the clerk to take a picture of me wearing my new purchase. She was very helpful and i could tell she enjoyed helping a sissifed male like me.

Sir told me i needed to be in chastity so i went and bought myself a chastity device, and it is in pink. Don't you just love how i am dressed in public as a sissy? The girls at the shop all liked my outfit. They all know i am a sissified male and my favorite sales girl was so helpful in my chastity device selection. We were both studying the instructions to see how i was going to wear it.

My sissy attire for work

In the past, i had a routine of wearing panties, garter belt, and stockings under my male work attire every day. i made a commitment to do this on my blog. However, like many other sissies, i am weak and failed to fully keep that commitment on a regular basis. i did it often but not all the time. Now being under control of a strong dominant man, i am once again able to keep to this commitment. However, my Owner was not content for me to only keep my old commitments. Following my acquiescence to His authority, He quickly told me that i was to wear a corset to work every day along with a girdle and not one, but two pairs of stockings. i was shocked and overwhelmed. What a huge leap in girlie attire i am to wear at work.

How was i going to be so trussed up like this at work every day? How was i going to feel at work like this? I considered wearing something like this on a rare occasion when I did this on my own, but every day? That first morning i was to dress like this for work, i did as i was instructed. i put on a 6-strap garter belt and stockings, over which i put my corset. Next came an open bottom girdle with 6 garters attached to another pair of stockings. While dressed like that in my sissy lingerie, i looked at myself in the mirror and told myself. “This shows what i really am. i am a sissy male and i am going to listen to my Owner and do as he says.” The anxiety of dressing like this was huge but i did it anyway. A self realization also came over me that i liked how i looked in all this tight lingerie. Deep down, i know this was something i really wanted, something I really needed. i really like it a lot. What a pansy i am.

One of the issues that arise from being dressed like this, is that in order to use the bathroom, i have to go into a stall, undo the 6 garters of my open bottom girdle, and pull up my girdle to be able to pull down my panties to use the toilet. Afterwards, i have to refasten the 6 garters of my girdle to my outer pair of stockings. This is a humbling experience since it takes so long, as i hear real men come and go quickly using the urinal. It just reinforces what a pansy i am.

Being in this tightwear every day, even in the hot Houston summer, is both humbling and humiliating. i have been diligently doing this as instructed by my Owner and reporting to Him daily. Just as i was starting to overcome my anxiety a bit on this, Sir changed the rules! Of course this is totally His prerogative, but it completely took me off guard.

Sir told me that i was going to have to wear diapers to work at least once a week. i was shocked. i was scared. My anxiety level shot up further than before. Never had i worn diapers to work nor had i had the desire to do so. But now it was going to happen. i was going to wear diapers to work. So now, once a week, in addition to the corset, girdle, and two pair of stockings, i have to wear a thick padded diaper with a soaker pad and plastic panties as well. With the open bottom girdle over the diapers, my profile is smoothed a little. However, i remain highly apprehensive as the bulk of the diaper is not fully obscured. i was told to get a Rago girdle that is tight and more fully covers my thick diapers. i have ordered it. Hopefully that will help hide the heavy bulbous diapers but still having very heavy anxiety over this.

This is now part of my new sissy lifestyle. Sir wants me to publically acknowledge the submission and humiliation that i must endure. I know He does this for my own good and i am grateful for His attention to my sissification.

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

sissy gina submits to Sir as her new Owner

i, sissy gina, am pleased to announce that Sir is now my Owner. He has decided to direct and train me to be the kind of sissy He wants me to be. After a great deal of discussion we do seem to have aligned interests, and i willingly acquiesce to His direction.

i have found that He is very insightful, creative, and deeply understands my kinks and my vulnerabilities. He knows how to push my psychological limits to do things i would not do on my own. He has earned my respect and admiration. But more important, He has earned my devotion. i will work to please Him and make Him proud to be my Owner. Part of His pleasure is to watch and experience my humiliation and servility. i can only hope my humiliation and servility will please Him.

Per His desire, i will document my submissive journey under His dominant direction. i will do this on Fetlife and on my blog. On my stockinged knees with bowed head and deep gratitude, i offer my Owner the handle of the leash attached to my pink collar. Please follow sissy gina’s tasks of humiliation and servility in serving her Owner.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Going shopping as a sissy

Here i am, sissy gina, shopping in sissy mode. Note i am wearing a pretty pink collar. In addition, my necklace says 'prissy sissy'. Notice the style of purse i am carrying. It is shaped somewhat like a high heel. Also notice i am wearing various buttons on my purse and dress. They are all various types of buttons declaring that i am a sissy. With all the buttons, necklace, and sissy attire, i wanted to make sure the point came across to everyone that i am a real sissy. i hope that point comes across. i am sure that point came across to anyone who saw me.

Well i was looking to see what kinds of new sissy treasures i needed in this shop. i found a new butt plug. Friends said i needed a larger one and it is so true. So now I get a fuller feeling. When i am wearing a very tight, heavily boned corset, a nice butt plug and very high heels, i get a warm constrictive feeling and the intensity of all these items puts me in a very effeminate and submissive frame of mind.

i made several purchases here and the salesgirl was nice enough to take of few pictures of me. She was so sweet. i will have to go back to see what new things they have another time.

Verbal characterization of a sissy

I find the words sissy, pansy, fairy, pantywaist, sissyboi, sissy gurl, sissy girl, sissy faggot, prissy, and many others as very emotionally charged. They all evoke a deep feeling when someone calls me one of those names. However, I do not get a negative feeling when someone calls me a pantywaist sissyboi or a prissy faggot. In fact I like them. It thrills me to be called these names. It excites me. It excites me a lot.

In society these are negatively charged names and down-right insulting to people. So why do they appeal to me? Why do I get excited when I am called one of these sissy names? That is a challenging question. I think that it piques my submissive feelings, those that touch upon my kinky nature as an effeminate sissified male. They also bring forth feelings of submission and humiliation which I also find powerful. I am sure there are some deep psychological answers, but for me it is about the feelings these words bring out in me. No matter what the rationale, I like being called these names and deeply embrace them. It gives me a twinge of excitement when someone calls me these names. Yes I, sissy gina, am a pansy, and effeminate sissyboi, a sissy faggot, and so much more. It is who I am and who I want to be.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Blog post for sissy assignment 2 completion – sissyboi assignment

i was so proud and pleased when i completed assignment 2. Of course there was huge apprehension but i went to Erotic Cabaret first to get in the mood. You should know that i was wearing two pink garter belts with two pair of stockings, pink ruffled panties, pink capris, a black "Pricilla Queen of the Desert" t-shirt, and 5' high heels. In addition, a white watch, a "Prissy Sissy" necklace, and pink bracelet. i was dressed totally faggy. i felt like a total fairy but it didn't matter. i did as i was instructed and completed the assignment as i knew i must. Of course I did not wear a wig or a bra so I would be more easily recognizable as a male in girlie attire.

At Erotic Cabaret was a cute young girl that offered me help. At first i just looked at stockings because i needed to buy some thigh highs for some alternate layering of hose suggestions. Then i went to look at the corsets. i told her that i bought two last week and was wearing one of them now. i noted that they didn't have anymore corsets like the one i was wearing in my size. We discussed sizing and i said maybe i should be wearing a smaller size. i showed her how much my corset was pulled in and she said there isn't much more room to pull it in. "Are you going for waist control?" she asked. i said "Yes, Daddy is training me to be an effeminate sissy male and He has me wearing corsets and stockings all the time now." She asked, "Are you a babygirl?" i said "No, i am a sissy male and Daddy is training me to be more effeminate. He is pushing me but, i am submissive by nature and like being an effeminate sissy". She said, "So it doesn't take much pushing then." "Not at all", i replied, "i really like it." It was somewhat difficult to say that, to confess so freely and openly my sissy status. However, i was in a such a sissy state of mind from being dressed so femmy that i was totally open with the salesgirl.

Nearby, i saw some cute new shoes. They had pink sparkly closed toe shoes with 5' high heels and ribbon ties. They were way too tight and didn't have anything in a larger size.  Next i tried on a pair of pink and black high heels also with 5" heels. i tried on my usual size but this time they were too big and didn't have a size to fit. i told the salesgirl, i really wanted to get a pair of new pink heels to please Daddy. i asked if she would take a few pictures of me with the heels to show i at least tried. She was happy to comply and said, "I hope He won't be angry with you for not finding the right high heels".

Next, the salesgirl and i went over to the toy section. She asked if i had many toys. i said "Not many but Daddy likes me wearing a plug sometimes". I also mentioned, "He hinted at additional plugs and perhaps a chastity device." She talked about some of their new toys the store received. i looked admiringly at a pair of pink leather cuffs with faux fur trim. There was a matching collar which i tried on. It had soft leather lining and it felt so good. It felt so right wearing a collar like that with a large ring for a chain or leash. i would feel so proud to be collared like that and led by a leash as an extreme sissy.

So i told the salesgirl that i would hold off on the smaller 26" corset until i wore my current 28" corset a while longer to see how it would go. i did buy four pair of thigh high stockings, including one that was from a vinyl type material. During that time i shared my submissive nature openly as an effeminate male. It felt good to be open with the salesgirl about that. I found it a bit humiliating but was so pleased to confess how much I liked wearing fetishistic girlie attire and being a submissive sissy who was being dominated by a superior man.

I also went to a Walgreen's and there was no one in the cosmetics department. That is so very rare. There is always someone there. i was going to tell the cosmetics gal that i was told i needed to buy some bright pink long wear lipstick. "And ask what type would look good on an effeminate male like me?" However, all i could get nearby was a male employee and just told him that i was so happy to find this color of lipstick. Would he take a picture of me so i could post it on my blog? He did this.

i do enjoy wearing women's attire and i realize how much i hate wearing male attire or portraying myself as a male. Being effeminate pleases me so much. It was an awkward experience but once again it pushed some limits that i am pleased to have breached. There is also a confession i have. When i was in Erotic Cabaret, i was so excited that a little bit of sissy goo leaked into my pink panties and through my pink capris. It was in a place that no one could see but i was afraid that i would leak more sissy goo without control and it would become noticeable. So now you know another way this experience affected me. i hope you are all pleased by my report. Oh how I love being a sissy and enjoyed being dressed totally faggy as an overtly effeminate male.